Are you a Kenyan newbie in sports betting? To excel in sports betting, you have to be updated with the terms relating to this field. Like in other professional fields such as medicine, where you will find doctors with their unique jargon, sports betting in Kenya is no different.

There is a bulk of sports betting lingo you should understand as a new punter in Kenya. Understanding these terminologies is crucial in enhancing your success in betting. This article will take you through most of the terms used in sports betting.

  1. 1X2 (3-way markets)

The 1X2 is the oldest betting option before the introduction of the new opportunities. In specific terms, 1X2 means the following:

If you bet 1 and the home team wins, you win your wager. If you bet X and the match ends in

a draw, you win your bet. If you bet 2 and the away team wins, you get your winnings.

There are other alternatives in this option, which is 1X which means home win or a draw, or X2, which means away win or draw.

  1. Accumulator

This type of bet allows a punter to bet on multiple options or multiple games in one chance. You have to win all the games selected in the bet slip for your bet to be valid. This type of bet offers a possibility of winning big although riskier than single bets.


  1. Arbitrage in Sports Betting

An arbitrage bet is a bet type that enables gamblers to place a wager on multiple outcomes of a match to ensure that whatever the results of the outcome, winning is guaranteed. This bet type is famously called ”sure bet”.

  1. Asian Handicap in Sports Betting

Despite the name Asian Handicap, this is another sports betting lingo you should understand as a new punter in Kenya. The Asian Handicap is a bet type that began in Indonesia and is now famous in most betting sites worldwide.

Handicap in sports betting means that one team has an advantage over the other. The handicap bet enables you to award the team a goal and decide the final results.

For example, two teams are playing, and you place a wager on the home team to win -2 Asian Handicap. This implies that the away team is leading by two goals, and to win the bet, the home team has to win by at least a two-goal difference like 3-0, 4-2, etc.

  1. Bank Roll

Bankroll in sports betting refers to the money you have set aside for betting. This means you should take a break in case your budget finishes. Professional gamblers use this plan to put a cap on their betting cravings and ensure they don’t create a big dent in their pockets due to gambling.

  1. Bookmaker

A bookmaker is a body or someone who runs betting activities. The activities cover payment to winners, bet placement, setting of odds, and so on. The bookmakers mainly derive their profits from charges on bets and accumulated losses.

  1. Bonus

Almost all betting sites offer bonuses. They are promotions meant to keep existing and lure new players to the betting site. The bonus is mainly divided into the free bet, welcome, sign up, referral, cashback, etc.

These bonuses are not for free, and you will be required to fulfill specific wagering requirements before you get them.

  1. Each Way

Each way is popular in horse racing. It allows picking a single amount and dividing it on a horse to finish first or second. You win both wagers if the horse finishes first but only win one bet if the horse finishes second.

  1. Betting Strategy

Gamblers use various methods and plan to get an advantage over bookmakers. Betting strategy involves doing extensive research before placing a bet and managing your bankroll.

  1. Bad Bet

Punters experience bad wager when a bet is on the verge of winning, but it suddenly becomes a losing chance. It occurs when points are lost late in the game.

  1. Odds

The odds in sports betting serves two purposes:

They are used to calculate the payout of winning a bet. Every bookmaker will offer you an odd of the match you want to bet. To calculate the payout, multiply your stake with the odds.

The odds are used to show the likelihood of an outcome happening. If the result is more likely to happen, the odds will be low and vice versa.


There are plenty of sports betting lingo you should understand as a new punter in Kenya if you wish to thrive in this field. They are terms you will be encountering every day when placing a bet, and understanding them is crucial.

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