Gambling Regulations

Gambling is legal in Kenya. Kenya is among the initial countries in Africa that first legalized all forms of casino games and betting around 60 years ago. The 1966 Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act legalized gambling in the country, but recently, the sport has taken off. 

Typically, Kenya has over 45 million residents, and it has the most advanced economies in Africa. However, the country is still poor, with around 20% of the population living on under Kshs 100 per day. Gambling regulations in Kenya prohibit younger people from engaging in any gambling activities. 

You cannot purchase a lottery ticket if you are not above 16 years of age. However, the government said it would review these laws to protect its citizens, especially the younger generation. 

Gambling Act 2020

Announcements made under the new Gambling Act 2020 indicate that the sports remain legal. In 2020 there was the introduction of a 35 percent tax on all gaming advertisements. Jackpot winnings tax remains 20 percent. Online gambling licenses will go up to one hundred million shillings, while the land-based casinos will produce fifty million shillings to get their operating license.

Online gambling

It is a legal sports activity in the country, and until recently, it was a state monopoly. Only offered online gambling, but today they are quite a number. The state firm ceased operations, but Kenyans can still enjoy online gambling from the vast number of online gambling sites and casinos such as Jambobet available today.

Gambling regulations in Kenya also allow foreign online gambling sites meaning citizens have a wide range of options. However, with the considerable number of online casinos in the country, you ought to be vigilant as you look for the ideal betting site. There are better options than others as some offer better odds.

The government is also working hard to ensure there is controlled gambling activity in the country. It strives to curb excessive gambling and fraudulent activities in online gambling to reduce any violent incidents. 


The government of Kenya has plans to ban betting firms’ advertisements on social media in the country. It is also looking to ban any outdoor advertising. Betting firms will also not advertise their businesses between 6 am and 10 pm. The Betting Control and Licensing Board announcement released a statement “It has further been decided that any form of advertisement of gambling must be approved by the board and such an advertisement must contain a warning message about the consequences of gambling including its addictiveness and the warning message must constitute a third of the actual advertisement and be of the same font.”  

The gambling regulations would also prohibit celebrities from endorsing gambling activities. That means you will not see former football stars involved in betting advertisements such as Dennis Oliech or McDonald Mariga. 

National Gaming Authority

The new gambling regulations in Kenya will bring in place a new regulatory authority in the country known as the National Gaming Authority. The laws will also establish a Gaming Appeals Tribunal that will listen to all the gambling-related disputes.

Gambling taxes were up by 35 percent in 2018 but then lowered to 15 percent. The new law will retain the tax at 15 percent. According to the new gambling laws, all foreign gambling operators should have base servers and a physical presence in the country. 

By 2019, gaming operators were now free to use mobile money services in their endeavors. That was a significant boost since mobile money subscribers are spread all over the country. Kenya has around 58 million people that use mobile money, which is even higher than the country’s population. 


The new gambling regulations in Kenya also mean the establishment of the national lottery system. Operators would be determined via a tender process, with the successful bidder getting a seven-year operating license. With the new laws, lottery winners only receive 45% of the winnings. 20% is to be given to the lottery’s retailers and agents and another 20% to cater to the lottery’s administrative costs. 

Take Away

Gambling regulations in Kenya are implemented to ensure that the citizens are in safe hands. Online gambling has lots of activities, some of which could be legit and some could be fraudulent. Government intervention is quite essential to regulate their actions as well as raise revenue for the country.       

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