Virtual Greyhound racing is a virtual betting game where you place a bet in one or more out of the 6-8 dogs that are racing. An automatic random number generated by the software will determine the winner. Virtual greyhounding has become very popular and well-liked by punters in recent years. 

This has been accelerated by the increased number of betting companies that offer virtual sports. The races are very simple and take less time, unlike real-life races. If you are a punter looking for virtual greyhounding racing, Jambobet has plenty of options for you to consider. This guide has a lot to learn about Virtual greyhound racing so read on to find out more.

General Description

How to Place a Bet

Using the game dedicated menu, you should select a betting market. A corresponding odd and a short description will appear after selection. You will then pick one of the offered markets. Once you select, a bet slip will be enabled. You will then enter the bet amount in the bet slip. You can add more bets before confirming the bet by clicking on ‘add more bets’. 

You then press the ‘place bet’’ to submit your bet. A confirmation message will pop up to confirm you have placed your bet. Once the race is over you will see the results and the upcoming events.  


Betting Opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The virtual greyhound race is very simple and exciting. The animations used in racing are excellent. Virtual greyhound stadiums and the track are well created which makes the race appear realistic and real. Unlike the real greyhound race where you will find 12 races spreading over three hours, the virtual greyhound can run up to 30 races in one hour.

Always remember that in virtual sports, you are betting on a computer simulation of greyhound race and not the gaming abilities of real-life dogs. Betting is always supposed to be fun, so always take a break when the entertainment dries you up.

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